A DIY Phone!

November 27, 2018


A DIY Phone! 



Have you even been in a situation where you couldn’t make up your mind regarding a new smartphone? Too many options and they all seem somehow...the same? Well the ever evolving world of Raspberry Pi offers you the solution. A solution that would have your personal touch in it. Let us introduce you to the PiPhone! (That’s the actual name!)


The PiPhone is entirely made out of off the shelves equipment. Some soldering is required too but nothing too hefty. You be able to call and receive calls on your current number as you will be able to insert your SIM card in it, Yes, you’ll still have to pay for your calls. Other than that this little wonder would cost you something around 50 KD, AWESOME! 


The PiPhone code was developed by Dave Hunt and he posted the code for whoever is interested to build his/her own PiPhone! So go ahead and start assembling your own smartphone at your own home! Don’t forget to share a picture of your own PiPhone on our Instagram! 


Find the code of PiPhone in the link below. 


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